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Residential Service Offerings

1. Service Calls

We'll be done in a jiffy, and we hope with some style, we'll relieve your worry and help make you smile.

2.Technology Consultation

We help you make smart, saavy tech decisions and we will do it with the utmost precision.

3. Remote Service 

Get expert computer help no matter where you are it does not matter if you're near or far.

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Software, viruses, malware, passwords, speed and performance, system health, data recovery or backup related issues...we've dealt with it.

Whether you need a new laptop, desktop,  smart phone or smart home device for you or a loved one, we'll help you find the perfect match. Our experts will give you personalized recommendations, and tips, based on your preferences, needs, budget, and goals. 

When we look at your system, we'll fend off the hackers, shield you from harm, and ensure your software and programs work like a charm.

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